In an era when rates of obesity and other lifestyle-related diseases are dominant, it is important for both current and future health professionals to stay updated on advances in the field. The Obesity and Nutrition Track, the 11th of the 15 DDW Tracks, enables you to search all DDW 2017 sessions to find education related to obesity and nutrition. You can also use the DDW Mobile App to search for exhibitors pertaining to this track.

See below for high-level session details for the Obesity and Nutrition Track, or visit the DDW website for additional information and the full track listing.

Session Title Session Type Date
Endoscopic Management of Obesity Clinical Symposium May 6, 2017
Bariatric Poster Session May 6, 2017
AGA POSTGRADUATE COURSE CASE-BASED SESSION – 48-Year-Old Seeking Bariatric Intervention: The Role of Endoscopy Postgraduate Course Case-Based Sessions May 6, 2017
Recognition and Management of Bariatric Surgical Complications Breakfast with the Expert May 7, 2017
ASGE Hands-on Workshop: Bariatric Therapies (Session 2) Hands-on Workshop May 7, 2017
New Therapies for Obesity: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Poster Session May 7, 2017
Obesity: Basic and Clinical Studies Research Forum May 7, 2017
Innovation in Obesity Treatment – Endoscopic and Practice Committee Sponsored Symposium May 8, 2017
Enteric Neuroscience and Chemosensing in The GI Tract Poster Session May 8, 2017
Recent Advances in Bariatric Endoscopy Topic Forum May 8, 2017
SSAT Kelly and Carlos Pelligrini SSAT and SAGES Luncheon Symposium: Endoscopic Treatment of Obesity Conference/Debate/Panel/Symposium May 9, 2017
Regulation of Food Intake, Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Function Poster Session May 9, 2017