DDW 2015 Attendees: Claim Your CME.

The deadline to claim DDW 2015 CME credits is fast approaching — visit the CME site before Nov. 30 to claim online. If you need assistance, please watch our short video on how to claim CME.

Follow these easy steps to claim and print your DDW CME Certificate or Certificate of Attendance:

  1. Visit the CME claim site.
  2. Log in with your last name and badge number.
  3. Select the CME certificate you are interested in claiming by clicking on the “Create New” link.
  4. Search for the sessions you attended (sessions that required additional registration fees will automatically populate).
  5. Select the number of hours  you participated in the chosen session.
  6. Complete the brief session evaluation and submit.
  7. Select the “Print” button to generate your CME Certificate/Certificate of Attendance.

After Nov. 30 you may claim your DDW 2015, or any previous DDW CME credits, manually by submitting the CME request form. Please visit our CME Web page to download the form or view full society CME statements and maximum CME credit limits.