Back for Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2017 are DDW Tracks – fifteen tracks that provide attendees with the ability to search all sessions by topic or theme across all societies. Each track has a corresponding color that will be used in meeting materials and throughout the convention center. Leading up to the meeting, we will be highlighting programming from each track. DDW Tracks can also be found in our attendee resources to help you better plan for the meeting. New this year, exhibitors will also be mapped to tracks based on their product categories and attendees will be able to filter exhibitors by track in the mobile app similar to sessions.

Below you will find sample sessions titles selected from the first highlighted track – Basic Science:

Session Title

Session Type Session Date
DDW Basic Science Travel Award Quick Shots Quick Shots May 6, 2017
Intestinal Stem Cell Responses to Pathogen Infection Research Symposium May, 6, 2017
Mechanisms of Mucosal Repair Research Symposium May, 6, 2017
Barrier Functions in the Intestine and Beyond Research Symposium May, 6, 2017
Vitamin D and GI Disease Research Symposium May, 6, 2017
DDW Basic Science Late-Breaking Abstract Plenary Plenary May 7, 2017
Bariatric “Sans” Surgery? Can Changes in Physiology from Bariatric Surgery Inform Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes Without the Surgery? State-of-the-Art Lecture May, 7, 2017
Esophageal Squamous Cell Cancers: From Genomic Landscapes to Perspectives on New Therapies Translational Symposium May, 8, 2017
Dark Matter: Non-Bacterial Kingdoms of the Microbiome (Bacteriophage, Archea, and Fungi) Research Symposium May, 8, 2017


For more on DDW Tracks, please visit the DDW website and be sure to check back on the blog for more highlighted sessions.