As a fellow attending DDW it can feel a little overwhelming to decide what to spend your time and money on.  Focus is often split between what I need to help my understanding of the clinical management of patients and how do I help my career progression.  This year the associations have developed some tracks1 specifically designed to support you through navigating the years of your fellowship.

I’m particularly excited to see the mentor and advisor project taking center stage with an opportunity to meet mentors and develop learning networks to help your career at specific networking events2 on Saturday evening. Other highlights include the Monday afternoon session3 on maximizing opportunities with advice straight from current fellows and faculty.

ASGE has a diverse selection of clinical symposia4.  As well as the exciting new technology there are also some key more generalized talks which are very useful for endoscopists setting out on their career.  As a female endoscopist I am looking forward to hearing comments from the session on Women in Gastroenterology: Can You Have it All?5 Increasingly important in the role of the endoscopist is the understanding of quality improvement and ASGE is holding several symposium6 with practical advice which I think will be helpful for future responsibilities.

Many of the larger sessions may feel a little impersonal for your learning and so I would recommend dipping into a few of the smaller sessions to get a snap shot of subjects you may not be familiar with.  I hope you find my whistle stop tour of the agenda useful. My advice to fellows who are attending this year is to look beyond the obvious and your usual comfort zone and think about the conversations and sessions which are going to inspire and inform.

To search for sessions at DDW® 2013, visit MyDDW and search Scientific Sessions.

1. For Sessions on Navigating Fellowship Years:
Search MyDDW under By Special Interest, click on “AGA Trainee and Young GI Picks”.

2. Networking Events:
ASGE Fellows Networking Session
Saturday, May 18, 5–6:00 p.m.

Sorcerers and Apprentices: An Evening Reception with AGA Mentors
Saturday, May 18, 6:15–7:45 p.m. RSVP required.

3. Maximizing Opportunities within Fellowship Training: Advice from Fellows and Faculty
Monday, May 20, 2–3:30 p.m.
Room #313, Orange County Convention Center

4. For Clinical Symposia:
Search MyDDW under By Session Type, click on “Clinical Symposium”.

5. Women in Gastroenterology: Can You Have it All?
Monday, May 20, 8:00–9:30 a.m.
Room # 207, Orange County Convention Center

6. For ASGE programming:
Search MyDDW under By Society, click on ASGE

Mathena Pavan, MD is a gastroenterology trainee who lives in London. She Tweets @mathena123.